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Our Team

Hillary Bachelder
director/ shooter/ editor

Hillary is a documentary director, cinematographer, and editor. She is the former Director of Production at Kartemquin Films and earned both editing and production credits on over a dozen of the company’s critically acclaimed films and series, including the Emmy-award-winning Trials of Muhammad Ali, POV’s Raising Bertie, and Oscar nominated Minding the Gap. In 2015, she was selected to participate in the prestigious Sundance Documentary Edit and Storytelling lab as an up-and-coming editor of promise. Her recent work has included a 4-part video series with the New York Times that won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2018. Hillary’s first film, Embodies, is a 40-minute piece that explores three women’s complicated relationships with the human body. The film premiered at the Big Sky Film Festival in 2014.

Anne Sobel

Anne is a film and journalism producer in Chicago, D.C., London, Paris, Kuwait, and Doha. While in Qatar she produced news packages for the BBC, CNN, and China Central Television. She also associate produced the feature length documentary, The Workers Cup, which had its World Premiere at Sundance in 2017, where it was selected as the Opening Night film, and has gone on to screen at Hot Docs, CPH:Dox, and Sheffield Doc/Fest. Anne’s fiction work includes a four volume graphic novel series, Asra & the Orphan Moon, which was picked up by Bloomsbury Qatar. The first book is due out in early 2018 and will be published in Arabic, English, and French. She is also the Executive Producer on Salon Shoo Shoo, which was acquisitioned by Image Nation (The Circle, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.)

Rachel Pikelny

Rachel Pikelny is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Nyla Pictures. In 2018, she was named to DOC NYC and Topic Studios’ “40 Under 40” List. For five years, she served as an on-staff producer with Siskel/Jacobs Productions, where she produced and directed the award-winning documentary short Grace, which premiered on Salon.com and was subsequently distributed by Condé Nast Entertainment/SELF. Also with SJP, she produced the forthcoming feature documentaries No Small Matter and The Road Up. Previously, with Kartemquin Films, she produced the Emmy- and IDA Award-winning The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2014, Independent Lens/PBS) and A Good Man (2011, American Masters/PBS). From 2004-2009, she produced episodes of the nonfiction series Cold Case Files for A&E and American Greed for CNBC. A 2017-18 Impact Partners Fellow, she now co-chairs the Documentary Producers Alliance.

Carina Nieto
associate producer

Carina Nieto is a local Chicago filmmaker and associate of Kartemquin Films. As a former Kartemquin intern, Carina has attained multiple credits as associate producer and production assistant. Recently Carina completed a year of service at a refugee resettlement agency as an Americorps Marketing VISTA managing video production. There, Carina produced several short videos primarily used for fundraising and developed an in-house video production protocol. Previously, they directed and edited an award winning short film, “Fostering Promise,” which followed twenty-year old Imani Bayne as she exits the New York Foster Care system and finds her place in the Bronx with her family.

Laura Falsgraff
impact producer

Laura Fallsgraff is a freelance Chicago-based impact producer and storyteller. After serving as a digital producer for President Obama’s re-election campaign, she landed in the rewarding and challenging world of documentary filmmaking — producing, directing, and managing impact campaigns for Chicago nonprofit Kindling Group. She has led campaigns for feature films including Radical Grace (Hot Docs, AFI) and No Small Matter, as well as digital video campaigns to raise awareness about energy efficiency, veteran reintegration, and homelessness. She loves nothing more than bringing old-fashioned organizing and compelling storytelling together to inspire change.

Amber Love
additional editor

Amber Love began her work in media as a student video journalist at the University of Chicago. During her time there she worked at Media Burn and for a small film and television development company; both experiences cemented her love for independent cinema. Amber is now going into her third year with the New Orleans Film Festival as an Associate Programmer and coordinating filmmaker programs, works in post-production at Scrappers, and takes on various freelance and personal projects.

Miranda Yousef
consulting editor

Miranda Yousef, A.C.E. is a feature documentary editor with credits on films that have played Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, PBS and HBO. Credits include Academy Award winner Morgan Neville’s Troubadours and Academy Award winner Jessica Yu’s film Misconception; Inequality for All.

Paul Brill

Paul Brill has received three Emmy Award nominations for his film scores and recently won the first-ever Best Music Award from the International Documentary Association. He collaborated with Rock legends U2 on the HBO film, Burma Soldier, composing a new string arrangement for an acoustic version of their classic song, “Walk On.” His recent work includes the hit documentaries, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (IFC), the Emmy Award-winning Page One: Inside the NY Times (Magnolia), the Sundance Festival winning films, Gideon’s Army, Trapped, and Love Free or Die, and the Emmy, DuPont and Peabody Award-winning, 6-hour PBS documentary, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, with noted historian Henry Louis Gates and additional musical contributions from Wynton Marsalis. He scored Abigail Disney’s directorial debut, the Emmy Award-winning, “The Armor of Light,” Liz Garbus’ Peabody Award-winning HBO documentary, “A Dangerous Son,” and was nominated for a Golden Reel Award for his work on the hit Netflix docu-series, Bobby Kennedy for President.

Sarah Krohn
sound mixer

Sarah is a sound designer and re recording mixer hailing from the South of England. She has been mixing in Chicago for nearly 10 years, working at audio post houses and inhouse at ad agencies. After branching out on her own and starting her own sound design business, Sarah has worked on numerous TV series, Emmy nominated documentaries and award winning ad campaigns. The dream is take the studio on the road travelling through all the national parks with the family!

EPs & consulting producers:

Gordon Quinn, Betsy Steinberg, Jolene Pinder, Lois Vossen, Sally Jo Fifer, Noland Walker, Amy Shatsky, Rosie Garthwaite
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